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Available on Amazon

     The first product in Mimi Fontaine's brand-new anti-aging line is now readily available on Amazon. The eye cream was established as an outcome of an increasing number of salon clients asking about anti-aging items. Hollywood-based Mimi Fontaine utilized the experience gained from over twenty years' experience in the beauty sector to arrive at the formula. Mimi Fontaine Anti-Aging Eye Cream is now supplied on Amazon for easy acquisition by everyone.

Key Anti Aging Ingredients

     Wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and bags under the eyes are enemies of a vibrant look for both men and women. Key components in the new eye lotion which work together to preserve and boost the skin around the eyes include hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed elastin, and licorice root extract.

     Hydrolyzed collagen plumps up the skin as well as makes it look far better, combating how the skin's collagen structure breaks down with age, triggering sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrolyzed elastin lets the skin reclaim its form after stretching and contracting as occurs when one smiles. Tiny molecules of hydrolyzed elastin permeate the skin's surface as well as boost its flexibility. Licorice root is utilized to manage over-pigmentation triggered by inflammation, dermatitis and other skin conditions.

     In Eastern medicine, licorice root is made use of to "integrate" the active ingredients in organic solutions so they all collaborate.

     Other components adding to the efficacy of Mimi Fontaine Anti Aging Eye Cream are retinyl palmitate, a kind of Vitamin A which stimulates collagen production, boosts cell renewal, and decreases pore size when absorbed into the skin; Vitamin E which supplements the skin's organic antioxidant defenses, giving protection against UV radiation and various other free radicals that can cause the skin to age too soon; and the product base, aloe barbadensis leaf juice extract, which tends to create a soothing/cooling/healing impact on the skin.

Other Important Information

     The eye cream consists of no parabens, no propylene glycol, and there is no animal testing involved. There is a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, no questions asked.

     Convenient shipment of Mimi Fontaine's Anti-Aging Eye Cream is by Amazon. The site is well-known for its easy to use user interface as well as reliability of shipping.

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