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Anti Aging

     Thousands of Baby Boomers turn 65 daily, yet that does not suggest they want to look 65. Lines and dark circles, puffiness and bags under the eyes are among the most easily discovered signs of growing old. The moisturizing Anti-Aging Eye Cream presented by Hollywood-based Mimi Fontaine Products will certainly lessen and minimize these undesirable problems.Anti Aging

     Developed through twenty years of experience in the salon and beauty sector, Mimi Fontaine Anti-Aging Eye Cream is effective for both men and women. It incorporates meticulously selected components in a personalized formula which works to maintain as well as improve the skin around the eyes.

 Best Anti Aging Eye Cream

     Key active ingredients consist of hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed elastin, and  licorice root extract. Hydrolyzed collagen plumps up the skin and improves the way it looks, combating how the skin's collagen structure deteriorates with age, triggering sagging, lines and wrinkles.

     Hydrolyzed elastin lets the skin reclaim its form after stretching and contracting as happens when people smile. Small molecules of hydrolyzed elastin pass through the skin's surface and enhance its suppleness.

     Licorice root is made use of to manage over-pigmentation caused by swelling, eczema, and various other skin conditions. In Eastern medicine, licorice origin is used to "harmonize" the components in organic formulas so they all work together.

     The product contains no parabens and no propylene glycol. It carries a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, no questions asked. The new Anti Aging Eye Cream by Mimi Fontaine is very easy to use. It glides on well and is light enough to be used under make-up.

     The cream was created when customers began revealing anti-aging concerns and is the first of a line of products designed for those that are staying active and maintaining better health and wellness much longer, and who desire to stay beautiful and good-looking to match their way of living. Mimi Fontaine Anti Aging Moisturizing Eye Cream for men and women is offered now on the internet.

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